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Concrete Company SEO at it’s best!

At Traffic Pros Interactive Media, we started in 2003 as a Concrete Company SEO firm, since then we have serviced over a 1,000 clients whom we help them with their online marketing and getting their company websites on the Organic Search Engine. We only focus on getting our client’s on the Organic Search only, we can help you with a pay-per-click ( we don’t recommend to our clients) or local business (free service) at no additional charge, but again we focus on the Organic Search in your service location for the services you provide.

Return On Investment 

Our prices are based basically on how many services you provide with your service radius, this is why we feel that we could not provide a set price for our clients because we have residential (services locally) as well as commercial contractors (service multiple states) so our aim is to put you and your company in the best position to qualified job leads that will into multiple returns on your investment for our services.


Optimized Landing Pages

We have multiple websites ( which are listed in the footer) that get multiple leads daily that we provide for our clients and also create backlinks from these websites to your website to give it more search engine authority that helps tremendously in your companies website search engine rankings.

Google First 

We optimize your website for Google first and only Google, once your website appears on Google it will filter down to Bing, Yahoo, and other websites thereafter in a matter of weeks. Depending on the age of your domain name, we have optimized websites that had older domain names and got the on page 1 of Google in hours, but for newer websites, it may take 3-7 days to appear.

Don’t get fooled by telemarketers who call and say they are affiliated with Google ( they are not, Google does not call anyone) who claims they can get you page 1 of Google, they may can… on pay-per-click (monthly payments) or Business Local (Free), we can get you ranked page 1 organically without monthly fees.

Google Analytics

We also provide Google Analytics on all of our clients so you can see your site stats and visits on a daily basis, and it also helps us to see where are your visits are coming from and help us to focus on the other service areas you want to target.

If your company is looking to expand your online presence, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to speak with about your online marketing goals.

Traffic Pros Interactive Media offers polished concrete companies website SEO in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Cary, Mebane and all of North Carolina.



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